Daniel Jara is originally from Peru, and many of his designs are inspired by the traditions of his country. He has no formal art training and gathered most of his techniques by sharing ideas with street artisans while living on the road and selling his work in plazas throughout South America.  Daniel had the opportunity to explore Chasing and Repousee in a Dharma Shop while living temporarily in Nepal in 2014.

Daniel braids, bends, chases and repousees, and hammers wires and metal plaques together to create jewelry that draws directly upon the ancestral traditions of Peru fused with contemporary ideas and materials.  The work combines copper, bronze, silver and German silver metal with semiprecious stones, fossils, seeds and other found natural objects.   To assemble the work, Daniel uses simple tools including pliers, hammer and jewelers saw and all aspects are made by hand, including his chains, jump rings and earring hooks.

He strives to create elegant, one of a kind designs that draw the attention of both jewelry and sculpture lovers alike.  Often ceremonial in appearance, the work represents an ever-developing and changing South American metallurgy tradition, influenced by contemporary art and social movements, and influenced through his love for discovery, adventure and travel.